CHEM 220L Fall 2018
Students in Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Lab

Courses Taught

  • General Chemistry
  • Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Sampling and Analysis (study abroad in Costa Rica)
Costa Rica Group Farm
Students in the Environmental Sampling and Analysis course in Costa Rica (May 2018).

Teaching Philosophy

I always seek to foster a student’s sense of ownership through my teaching. A student who “owns” chemistry demonstrates a command of the material that goes beyond plugging numbers into equations or following a cookbook procedure in the lab. Student ownership can take many forms, both inside and outside the classroom and lab. In my research lab, I direct a student-driven research program in environmental nanotechnology with undergraduates conducting lab work, analyzing data, and disseminating results. In my classes I use active learning materials for group work tailored to direct students to discover for themselves how to approach problem solving in analytical and environmental chemistry. I developed my department’s first study abroad course, allowing students to take their knowledge of chemistry to the great outdoors. By engaging in experiential learning, students grow as scientists by participating in science as a process, not just a collection of facts.