research group spring 2018
Mullaugh Lab group in May 2018.

Current students

Nguyen Mullaugh SERMACS 2018
Dr. Mullaugh with Bach Nguyen at SERMACS 2018 in Augusta, GA.

Bach Nguyen (’20) is investigating the surface chemistry of silver nanoparticles for a better understanding of the interactions between manufactured nanomaterials and natural organic compounds in water.



Ramsayer Mullaugh SERMACS 2018
Emily Ramsayer and Dr. Mullaugh at SERMACS 2018 where she won an award for best poster presentation.

Emily Ramsayer (’20) is using voltammetry to study the dissolution of zinc oxide nanoparticles and how binding by ligands can impact the rate and extent of metal oxide nanoparticle dissolution. She won an award for Best Poster at the South Eastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in October 2018.



Lab Alumni

Lieb in Lab Dec 2018
Heather Lieb working away in the lab.

Heather Lieb (’19) researched the reactions between silver nanoparticles and metal sulfides to better understand how sulfidation of nanoparticles can impact their environmental fate. A story about the support Heather received from a donor appeared in the College Today. Heather’s research has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Science of the Total Environment. Heather is currently pursuing a PhD in environmental chemistry at the University of California – Davis.


Sondrica grad
Sondrica Goines and Dr. Mullaugh at graduation in May 2019.

Sondrica Goines (’18) was instrumental in developing our methodologies for studying the interactions between silver nananoparticles and organic material. She presented her research numerous times both on campus and off. In 2016 she was awarded Best Chemistry Poster at the Research Bound conference. She worked as an REU student in the lab of Dr. Xia at Georgia Tech the following summer. She is now pursuing a PhD in chemistry at UNC-Chapel Hill in the lab of Dr. Jeffrey Dick. Sondrica has started a podcast called “Curly Headed Chemist” for students pursuing a career in STEM.



Miller Colton Cel Scholars 2017
Colton Miller presenting his research at the 2017 Celebration of Scholars.

Colton Miller (’18) worked in the lab on developing our voltammetric studies of zinc oxide nanoparticle dissolution. Colton’s research laid the groundwork for continued studies in this area. Colton is now employed as a metallography technician at IMR Test Labs in Portland, OR.




Fletcher grad 2017
Dr. Mullaugh and Nathaniel Fletcher at graduation in May 2017.

Nathaniel Fletcher (’17) worked in the Mullaugh lab to investigate the stability of silver nanoparticle sulfidation products. Nathaniel’s research was published in the Science of the Total Environment. After working at the Oak Ridge National Lab in the Nuclear and Analytical Chemistry and Isotopics Lab, Nathaniel is now enrolled in the chemistry PhD program at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.



Olivia Pearc Grad 2016
Dr. Mullaugh with Olivia Pearce at graduation in May 2016.

Olivia Pearce (’16) was one of Dr. Mullaugh’s first research students and examined how carbon paste electrodes could be used to study silver nanoparticle oxidative dissolution. Her research was published in the Journal of Nanoparticle Research.






Dr. Mullaugh with Maisa Amireh at graduation in May 2016.

Maisa Amireh (’16) did research on the aggregation of silver nanoparticles in various solution matrices. After graduation she took a job as a lab technician at High Purity Standards here in Charleston, SC.